shirtsBespoke suiting is hotter than ever. And you’ll pay for it. But why pay more than is absolutely needed? Partner and J.Hilburn Personal Stylist Jennifer Shinners is here to offer you sophistication with J.Hilburn Suiting and Jackets. Fine quality. Style. And tons of custom options. Which all comes at a price…a very sensible price.

Jennifer consults directly with you to create your own, unique designs from scratch. J.Hilburn suits are made to measure and our fabrics are truly Italian; supplied by J.Hilburn’s partners at the prestigious mills of Vitale Barberis and Guabello. Each suit is cut to order. Prices range from $520-$850 (varying by options). So how are our prices so reasonable? No “middle-man.” J.Hilburn makes it possible for Jennifer Shinners to be your personal retailer.

Step 1: your fitting. We come to you, at your convenience. Jennifer Shinners will gather your measurement profile, which takes about 15-45 minutes, depending on your particulars. From there, we can select fabrics together and discuss your jacket and trouser fits and styles. Or we’ll be happy to make recommendations for you. We make it simple, but oh, so put-together.